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Physical Education Ambassadors

At Ysgol Llanrug, physical education is a core and vital part of our Curriculum which is essential to the well-being of our learners. Physical Education lessons are integrated into the weekly curriculum and our pupils are encouraged to develop physical skills and fitness. Learners will nurture confidence when responding to creative and competitive physical activity, fitness and well-being, outdoor activity and problem solving. We also encourage them to foster a sense of enjoyment, develop the habit of being a member of small teams and nurture equal opportunities - making sure that the principle exists in every aspect of Physical Education. They become more aware of space, balance, develop motor skills, maintain and increase movement and physical flexibility, develop stamina and strength - especially the heart muscles and bones and develop the ability to communicate ideas through body language. We will also encourage an appreciation of the notion of 'fair play' when competing and develop a healthy attitude towards winning and losing. We will develop the ability in our learners to appreciate the aesthetic features of movements, to develop an eagerness and the value of perseverance to seek success and develop self-confidence in understanding strengths or areas to develop further. Throughout, we will develop an understanding of the importance of physical exercise in order to live a healthy life.

As well as physical education lessons, there is an effort to participate in various sport activities, such as football matches, skipping challenges, 'Dal i Fynd' club on the running track, hockey, netball, outdoor pursuits, orienteering and various other sports clubs.  

Through various physical experiences it is hoped that a good foundation is set for a healthy and active lifestyle and that every child learns how to participate in and enjoy physical activities.  A member of staff has received training to develop orienteering and an orienteering map has been drawn up for the school to develop outdoor activities and problem-solving.

Our Physical Education Ambassadors help with different activities and events/ sports e.g. Sports Day.  

Physical Education Ambassadors Activities